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(1911) CIP Designated For Use In Tibet
Due to the differences in currency between Tibet and other parts of China, especially the popularity of Indian Rupee in Tibetan commercial market, the I.P.O. finally decided to issue a set of postage stamps in Rupee values and restricted for use in Tibet. A set of 11 values of the CIP coiling dragon stamps were overprinted with Chinese (denote value in 四川盧比 / Szechwan Rupee, also known as Tibet Rupee, 藏洋 / T'sang Yang; 藏元 / T'sang Yuan; 川卡 / Chuen Ch'ia; 藏幣 / T'sang Pi and 洋錢 / Yang Chien. 1 Szechwan Rupee = 32 (tael) cents), English (denote value in Indian Rupee, 1 Rupee = 16 Annas, 1 Anna = 4 pice or 12 pies) and Tibetan (same as in Chinese) by the Inspectorate General Statistical Department in Shanghai and issued in March 1911.

From Lhasa to Gyangtse. On the back 2c (1 Anna) on CIP 4c canceled by Lhasa Large Double Circle Trilingual Lunar Dater on June 13, 1911. Arrival Gyangtse Large Double Circle Trilingual Lunar Dater of June 16, 1911.

From Yatung to Phagli. 1/2c (3 Pies) on CIP 1c and 1c (1/2 Anna) on CIP 2c horizontal pair canceled by Yatung Large Double Circle Trilingual Lunar Dater on Nov. 29, 1911. Arrival Phagli Double Line Circular Trilingual Mark. Also another same Phagli mark on the back.