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I.P.O. extended the postal route to Sinkiang at the end of 1909

Question No. 9
What was the postage rating of this domestic cover?

Double registered Chinese style red band cover from Kucheng to Tientsin. Kucheng Lunar Dater of March 27, 1911, Sinkiang Kuchengzi Port "R" mark, large "AR" Mark.

On the back CIP 5c vertical pair and vertical strip of 4 canceled by Kucheng Lunar Dater on March 27, 1911. Transit Tihua (Urumtsi) Lunar Dater of March 28. Transit (Peking?) Lunar Dater and Peking Bilingual Lunar Dater of May 9. Arrival Tientsin Bilingual Lunar Dater of May 9, 1911.

According to the postal rate of I.P.O. domestic letter rate for Sinkiang and Mongolia was 6c, registration fee was 5c, and double registration fee was 10c at that time. Why this cover apparently paid 10c for international letter rate and 20c for international double registration fee?

Note for Question No. 9