(1897) The First Issue

Postal card from Shanghai to Chinkiang. ICP Postal Stationery - 1st Issue 1c canceled by Shanghai Dollar Dater of Oct. 20, 1897.

On the back Chinkiang Dollar Dater of Oct. 21, 1897.

Postal card from Shanghai to Tientsin. ICP Postal Stationery - 1st Issue 1c canceled by Shanghai Dollar Dater of Nov. 23, 1897.

There was an article A RECORD OF CHINESE EMPIRE FIRST POST CARD USED IN 1897 by Mr.Hsai Ta-Wei published at Philatelic Writer's Club COLLECTORS' PHILATELIC ANNUAL REPORT (1992) on page 261: 

The First Chinese Post Card of Ching Empire was issued on October 1st, 1897. At the beginning three month, it was believed not quite of large quantity was used which caused existing pieces were very seldomly found in nowadays. It is certainly a rather interested thing of collecting the Chinese First Post Card as so far recorded, there are only about 40 cards. The writer is very much pleased to make a sketch for this subject and is quite assured that some unrecorded cards could possibly be found in present philatelic field. If information and picture of new findings could be supplied, the writer would be much obliged to make further report of it.

Then the author listed up the 40 cards known at that time, and assigned each card a series number by cancellation date stared from the earliest. The card on the top is the No. 14 in Mr. Hsai's list. The above card was not recorded in that list. I don't know how many new samples were discovered since Mr. Hsai's article was published. But, we know now that at least 41 cards found so far.