(1907) The Third Issue

Shanghai local mail - CIP Postal Stationery - 3rd Issue 1c canceled by Shanghai Local Post CDS on Nov. 19, 1907.

Postal card from Shanghai to France. CIP Postal Stationery - 3rd Issue 1c, CIP 1c x 3 canceled by Shanghai Bilingual Lunar Dater on April 3, 1908. Transit Shanghai Bilingual Dater of April 3, 1908. "Via Siberia" and "Too Late" hand-stamp strikes.


Extracted from the Postal Guide of Imperial Chinese Post Office (Article 161):
"The mail closing time of each post office is scheduled and made public in advance by the post office concerned. It is advised to all posting public that they are better to approach the post office to send their mail as soon as possible in order to prevent any delay."

Mail packets / trains operating on published schedules carried most international mail matters. The post office worked backward from the departure time to establish the time at which the mailbags were closed and taken to the ship / train. Mails received after the stated mail closing time were held at the post office for the next dispatching. To avoid confusion about who was responsible for the delay in transit, a wooden hand-stamp "TOO LATE" was used to indicate that it had been posted too late for inclusion in the day's dispatch.

Postal card from Chinwangtao to Shanghai. CIP Postal Stationery - 3rd Issue double card 1c x 2, message part canceled by Chinwangtao Lunar dater on Aug. 6, 1908.