Welcome to My China Collection
Hello, I'm Paul. I was born in China. Beijing was the place where I spent my childhood and youth. After spending some years jn Japan and Hong Kong, I am now living in San Diego, a beautiful city in California, and only minutes away from Tijuana, a border town of Mexico. As a Chinese living in America, working for a Japanese company at a Mexican factory, I could say I'm quite "international".

I started collecting stamps when I was about 9 years old. Although there were several interruptions during these years, I just could not give up this hobby. Something happened in the early 1990s might have the most significance in my philatelic pursuits. An advanced fellow collector, I met at a stamp shop in Hong Kong, gave me valuable advice on how to become a better collector by concentrating one's energy and resources on limited area or topics. Since then, I have limited my collecting to a specific range - the Ch'ing (Qing) / 清 Dynasty. While my interest gradually shifted from the smaller pieces of paper (stamp itself) to the bigger pieces of cover and postal stationery, my collecting has been focused on postal history of the Imperial Chinese Post. For me, postal history is a more varied, colorful and fascinating world. My dream is someday I could take my collection to exhibitions around the world, and share my enjoyment with my family and friends.

Since I am a relatively new student of postal history, what I know about this subject is extremely limited, not to mention the huge scope of philately. I really need your criticism, comment, suggestion and advice. Your help of any kind is highly appreciated. Here in my site, I posted a few questions on some items that I hope to get answers or hints from you. On many other pages, I also need your input or corrections to improve the overall quality of my site.

Thank you for visit and tell a friend about my site.


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