"Cash Cover" / Prepaid Cover (2)
付現封 (二)

Printed mater from Chungking to England.   Chungking Dollar Dater of Jan. 26, 1898. French Post Office in China 5c canceled by Shanghai French Post Office CDS on Feb. 14, 1898.

From Chefoo to England.   Chefoo Bilingual Dater of Feb. 26, 1901. German Post Office in China 20pf canceled by Shanghai Deutsche Post Office CDS on March 2, 1901.

On the back transit Shanghai Bilingual Dater of March 1, 1901. Arrival London-E-C postmark of April 2, 1901.

Printed matter cover from Hankow to Austria. Hankow Bilingual Dater of June 19, 1903. Shanghai Russian P.O. CDS of June 24?, 1903.

On the back transit Shanghai Bilingual Dater of June 23. Russian 2k (Arm type overprinted "KITAI") canceled by Shanghai Russian P.O. CDS. Transit Moscow CDS of July 4 (if it was Julian calendar, then July 17 in Gregorian calendar). Arrival Wien CDS of July 20, 1903.

According to Steve Gates, "(S.D.) Tchilingirian and (W.S.) Stephen in Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad, pp363-5 state that the Imperial Chinese Post had acted as agents for the Russian Posts in Hankow from at least as early as 1897......" (the Journal of Postal History Society of China Vol I-3). This prepaid cover should be an example of the I.P.O. acted as agent for the Russian office.