Empress Dowager Commemorative Surcharge

Chinese style cover from Peking to Canton. Empress Dowager Commemrative Issue surcharged with small 4c/4ca canceled by Peking Dollar Dater on September 6, 1897.

On the back arrival Canton Dollar Dater of September. 21, 1897.

From Tientsin to US. Empress Dowager surcharged with small 5c/5ca canceled by Tientsin Pa Kua, Tientsin Dollar Dater of Aug. 2, 1897. Japanese 1s and 4s canceled by Shanghai I.J.P.O. CDS on Aug. 18, 1897.

On the back transit Shanghai Dollar Dater of Aug. 16, Yokohama CDS of Aug. 23, and 2 arrival Boston CDS of Sep. 16, 1897.

From Chefoo to England. Empress Dowager surcharged with (2½ mm spacing) large 10c/12ca canceled by Chefoo Dollar Dater on Aug. 10, 1897. French 25c canceled by Shanghai French P.O. CDS on Aug. 13, 1897.

From Kiukiang to Shanghai. Empress Dowager surcharged with small 8c/6ca canceled by Kiukiang Pa Kua, Kiukiang Customs CDS of May 6, 1897.

On the back arrival Shanghai Customs CDS of May 8, 1897.