Starting Point

《Centenary Birthday of Post of China》
(Souvenir Sheet) March 20, 1996
On March 20, 1896, Tsungli Yamen / 總理各國事務衙門 (Office of Foreign Affairs) based on Robert Hart's Postal Guide submitted a memorial to the throne proposing establishment of the National Postal Service. Emperor Kuang Hsu / 光緒 wrote "依議 (Proceed accordingly)" in vermilion on the memorial and "覽 (Read)" on the Postal Guide. This date became the birthday of Post of China.

The Imperial Post Office was planned to inaugurate on January 1st, 1897, and changing the currency used for postage unit from Candarin of Silver / 銀兩 to Silver Dollar / 銀圓. Due to some delay on schedule, the Imperial Post Office officially opened on February 20th. In order to meet the immediate needs for new postage stamps of silver dollar system, a quantity of Small Dragon and Empress Dowager Commemorative issues of the Customs Post and unissued Red Revenue stamps were surcharged with new values in silver dollar denomination.

1897 - Chinese Post Offices and Port Cancellers (Pa Kua)


Newchwang Customs House and Chinese Post Office