Japanese Office (2)
日本客郵局 (二)

Question No. 7
What was the postage rate applied for this cover?

From Shanghai to Japan. CIP 5c canceled by Shanghai Dollar Dater on Oct. 29, 1898. Japanese 5s canceled by Shanghai I.J.P.O. CDS on Nov. 5, 1898.

On the back arrival Tokyo CDS of Nov. 10, 1898.

Similar cover from Mr. Tu's collection

The cover on this page "C1" and the one on Mr. Tu's page "C2" were similar, sent to the same destination (to the same addressee) at about the same time except C1 dispatched from Shanghai while C2 originated from Tientsin. C2 was bearing 10c Chinese and 10s Japanese stamps according to the international rate at that time.

Why was this cover franked with only 5c Chinese and 5s Japanese stamps?

Note for Question No. 7