Japanese Office

From Foochow to U.S. "United States Consulate Fuchau China Apr 14 1898" seal. ICP 10c canceled by Foochow Dollar Dater on April 14, 1898. Japanese 5s horizontal pair canceled by Shanghai I.J.P.O. CDS on April 19, 1898.

On the back transit Shanghai Dollar Dater of April 18, 1898. Transit Yokohama CDS of April 28, 1898. Arrival Boston CDS of May 21, 1898.

Winter rate cover from Newchwang to U.S. CIP 2c x 2 and 10c canceled by Newchwang Bilingual Dater on Jan. 19, 1900. Japanese 10s canceled by Shanghai I.J.P.O. CDS on Feb. 13, 1900.

On the back transit Shanghai Bilingual Dater of Feb. 9, 1900. Transit Yokohama CDS of Feb. 22, 1900. Transit "Station J Received" mark. Arrival Philadelphia CDS of March 12, 1900. Unclear "Received 1" mark.

International mail matters dispatched from Northern cities (Peking, Tientsin, Newchwang, etc.) during winter months of 1897 to 1902 paid winter rate (international plus domestic)since the Special Overland Mail Courier Service levied a surcharge for the domestic part of the journey.